How much does it cost to get an International Driver's License?

$ 45.00 + $ 7.00 (shipping and handling - mail only)

How much does it cost to get an Identification Card (ID card)?

$ 25.00 + $ 7.00 (shipping and handling - mail only)

Is an International Driver's License valid to drive?

Yes, as long as it is accompanied by the bearer's original driver's license.

Where can I drive with an International Driver's License and my original driver's license?

Basically all around the world - in all those countries, which signed the Convention about the Road Traffic in 1949. Please see the list of countries.

How long is this International Driver's License valid for?

It is valid for one year from the date of issue. You can extend it for another year as long as your original license is valid.

What should I send you if I want to get my International Driver's License and/or ID card by mail?

You have to send us filled and signed application form, which you can go to BY CLICKING HERE, with attached photo (passport size), along with money order payable to IADC. Again, if you want to get just IDL, you have to send money order for $52.00 ($45.00 + $7.00)

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